Package ru.novosoft.dc.core

Interface Summary
CommonLogger This interface joins features of Logger and SystemLogger and adds more functionality.
ConversionHandler The interface provides methods for handling a document conversion.
Logger This interface is used for logging messages of different kinds.
OptionProcessor A processor of options interface.
PictureConverter A picture converter interface.
PictureHandler A picture handler provides logging and access to the picture information.
PictureInfo Indices of picture information parameters.
PicturePool A picture pool appoints streams for writing pictures and provides the post-processing of pictures.
PictureType Types of rtf-pictures.
ProcessLoggerFactory A factory of process loggers.
SystemLogger This interface is used for logging of noncategorized messages to system and main logs.

Class Summary
IOService The class contains miscellaneous static I/O service methods.
NSDCContext The core context for a converter of rtf-file.
NSDCHandler The class provides methods for handling a document conversion using Apache Xerces2 DOM implementation and XML serializer.
StringEnumeration The string enumeration filters objects and returns those of them, which match the following conditions: are String instances and start with the specified prefix.

Exception Summary
NSDCException The exception is thrown if something wrong while preparing an instance of a converter class.

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