A PDF-renderer fails while rendering to PDF

There could be two main reasons for this problem to occur: XSL FO document is too large or complicated (rendering program goes out of memory) or the document uses XSL FO attributes not supported by the rendering program. The latter case occurs if you forget to set an appropriate compatibility option while converting the RTF-file to XSL FO. The following compatibility options are available now:

  • -o fop-0.20.1 - compatibility with FOP version 0.20.1 or earlier,
  • -o fop-0.20.3 - compatibility with FOP version 0.20.3,
  • -o fop-0.20.4 - compatibility with FOP version 0.20.4,
  • -o xep-2.5 - compatibility with XEP version 2.5 or earlier,
  • -o xep-2.7 - compatibility with XEP version 2.7 or higher,
  • -o ahxf-2.1 - compatibility with Antenna House XSL Formatter V2.1 or higher.

If no compatibility option used, the conversion is made in most optimal way in full conformance with XSL FO specification.

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