URL - Uniform Resource Locator

An acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, URL's are a standardized format for giving a pointer to information available from gopher, WWW, finger and other servers. A Primer explaining the use of URL's is available. Defined in RFC 1738, they were extended to include relative (short) URLs in RFC 1738 and 1808.

Uniform Resource Locator, an HTTP address used by the World Wide Web to specify a certain site. URLs are handled in lower case characters. A complete URL has two parts separated by "://". The first is called the web protocol, for instance but not limited to, HTTP. The second is the host name for the host computer.

The address that points to a specific Internet or Intranet service, usually HTTP or FTP and location. The location is a specific web page or file to download. A link to another site also contains the URL as does the browser, each time you attempt navigation to a site.

See also: FTP.

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