SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a vector graphics format from the W3C for the Web that is expressed in XML. Introduced in 2001, SVG was designed to become the standard vector format just as GIFs and JPEGs have become the standard bitmaps for the Web. Unlike bitmaps, vector drawings scale to the size of the viewing window without any distortion, and vector files are generally smaller than their equivalent bitmaps. Since SVGs are defined in XML, they can be easily embedded into XHTML documents as well.

For mobile phone use, SVG Basic (SVGB) is a subset of SVG, and SVG Tiny (SVGT) is a subset of SVG Basic. These light versions of SVG are designed to accommodate cellphones and other handheld devices with limited screen real estate, memory and bandwidth. For more information, visit

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