Converter Software - Features

RTF TO XML Software converts RTF documents (for example, MS Word documents saved as Rich Text Format) into well-formed XML documents in line with the XSL FO specification. 

RTF TO XML Converter (RTF Converter) has features that allow to convert RTF to HTML, RTF to PDF and to many other formats. Below is the list of supported features. The list of RTF converter features is not full. We are constantly improving our RTF Converter and if you don't see the conversion functionality you need, there is a possibility that we have already solved this problem or are about to solve it. Please contact us with your requirements and suggestions about RTF TO XML Converter.

RTF TO XML Converter features summary

  • RTF TO XML (RTF Converter) converts RTF documents to XML format ones preserving initial document internal structure and appearance. 

  • Converts:
  • RTF Converter Software allows creating pairs of XSL templates containing formatting and an XML files, textual data from your RTF files. You can use a range of criteria for data extraction.
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Multilingual support
  • Supports tables, tabs, pictures, watermarks, colors and many other formatting features
  • Allows composing cycles using specially marked entries in the RTF file.
  • Compatible with popular XSL FO rendering tools.
  • Pure Java™ product, Linux and Win32 command line interfaces.
  • Integrates into server and desktop applications through Java™ API.
  • Recursive Conversion of RTF files. During batch conversion recursive processing allows convert RTF to HTML, RTF to PDF, RTF to XML files in specified directories and in all their subdirectories. 

  • Novosoft RTF Parsing Solution
  • Page formatting support
  • Text formatting support
  • Tabs support
  • Templates
  • Limitations
  • Miscellaneous