RTF to XSL FO Conversion

RTF TO XSL FO converter is a key feature of Novosoft RTF-TO-XML Converter software. This program allows direct RTF to XSL FO conversion, using the RTF document as a source or a template.

RTF to XSL FO Converter: Basic Principles

The XSL-FO format is an intermediate output format, which bases on XML and contains all necessary data for presentation and layout. Unlike the combination of HTML and CSS, XSL-FO directly includes all data and layouts into the document. Other software, like FOP and XEP, utilizes XSL-FO as input format.

Novosoft RTF to FO Conversion Features:

  • Preserving all original content and layout including taps, pagination, hyphens etc.
  • High quality and speed of converting RTF to XSL FO output files.
  • Simple interface, allowing converting many RTF to XSL FO in a batch.
  • Multi-language support and free updates for Novosoft RTF-TO-XML Converter.
  • Cross-platform solution for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003 and different Linux distros.

How to Convert RTF Template to XSL-FO

  • Download our RTF-TO-XML Converter and install in on your computer.
  • Run the program.
  • Click Select to select RTF files for conversion.
  • Click Browse to select an output directory. By default, it will be the origin (data source) folder.
  • Choose XSL-FO as an output format in the "Select output format" menu.
  • Click Convert to start the converting. The program will save an output file in the directory specified as destination.

You can always find detailed specification for making RTF to FO conversion in the User's Guide of RTF TO XML Converter.

XSL-FO Render Operations

To apply an XSL-FO render to a result of RTF to FO conversion, you need to set up an XSL-FO render as a plug-in for RTF2XML. The two main popular XSL-FO rendering engines for now are FOP and XEP software solutions. Let us describe how to use these engines.

  • The FOP engine is a part of the RTF TO XML solution. It is an open-source solution, allowing making dynamic presentations of XSL-FO data for some purposes, such as for generating HTML layouts. You use the FOP XSL-FO render automatically when creating PDF and other files.
  • The XEP engine is a proprietary XSL-FO conversion utility. If you have a copy of XEP installed on your machine, you can configure RTF2XML to use XEP as a plug-in. You can also just feed an output stream of RTF to FO converter to XEP and use the XEP’s GUI or batch to convert data.

Note: To ensure compatibility with FOP or XEP, please select an appropriate XSL-FO render type in the "Compatibility" drop-down list before making a RTF to XSL FO conversion!

Besides being an RTF to XSL FO converter, the RTF TO XML software solution converts RTF files into many other output formats.