Text formatting support

  • Customizable font substitution rules;
  • "Symbol" and "ZapfDingbats" fonts are supported;
  • Font family and size, superscript and subscript;
  • Font style and weight (bold, italic, underline, etc.);
  • Font color and background color;
  • Cell, paragraph, and text color shading without pattern;
  • Paragraph alignment and margins;
  • Paragraph line spacing;
  • Space before and after a paragraph;
  • Lists of the new format;
  • All useful special RTF symbols;
  • Preserving of white spaces; 
     During conversion you can preserve white space with the help of RTF TO XML Converter. Obtained document looks the same way as your original files.
  • Line breaks; 
     One of the features of RTF TO XML Converter is creation an extra line which placed between paragraphs. The line break tag is used to indicate when to split a paragraph onto different lines.
  • Font substitution entries from the specified XML file.


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