Page formatting support

  • Mixed page layout.
     You can mix portrait and landscape, mirror margins and gutter with the help of RTF TO XML Converter;
  • Page headers and footers of all types.
      RTF TO XML Converter converts any types of headers and footers. Also you can change your footers;
  • Page layout options: margins, page size. 
     Using RTF TO XML Converter you can preserve layout options as the your original RTF document;
  • Complex layouts, freely mixing one-column and multiple-column sections on a single page;
  • Page headers and footers. 
     If first page headers and footers differ from others, the manual break after the first page is required;
  • Section breaks of the "next page" type. 
     You don't worry about mark the next section, because RTF TO XML Converter marks out it automatically;
  • Footnotes: custom and Arabic numbering labels, custom footnote separators;
  • Watermarks (document background);
  • Document columns with identical widths and gaps. 
     The XSL FO specification does not support columns with different widths and different gaps between columns;
  • Paragraph pagination: widow/orphan control, keep together, keep with next;
  • Page breaks before or after a paragraph.

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