• Almost all field types are supported;
  • Fields of "DOCPROPERTY" type can have a special use in RTF TO XML;
  • Splitting an XML file into an XSL template and an XML data file is granted;
  • Template cycles in tables and lists are allowed. 
    RTF TO XML Converter recognizes cycles in RTF files;
  • Configurable multilingual support (23 RTF code pages and 17 font charsets)
    RTF TO XML Converter uses two ways of encoding control are provided within the specification: Code Pages and Font Charsets. Code Page numbers are used to specify how raw non-ASCII characters must be converted to Unicode. Font Charset numbers specify encoding of fonts used in RTF file. To provide proper conversion of RTF data to Unicode, it is necessary to specify a mapping of RTF Code Page numbers and RTF Font Charset numbers to respective Java Encoding names. The default mappings for 23 RTF Code Page numbers and 17 RTF Font Charset numbers are coded in the RTF Parser. You can extend or redefine many of these mappings in the RTF TO XML Converter configuration;
  • Table formatting (column width and borders, cell margins, spans, nested tables);
  • Height of table rows and vertical alignment of text in table cells;
  • Last page number field;
  • Pictures of all graphic formats supported
    RTF TO XML Converter supports PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPG (JPEG), WMF (Windows MetaFile), EMF (Enhanced MetaFile), BMP (Windows device-dependent bitmap), DIB (Windows device-independent bitmap), MET (OS/2 metafile) and PCT (QuickDraw);
  • Plug-in interface for converting pictures formats on the fly
    If some formats are unsuitable, RTF TO XML can converts them to other formats with the help of picture plug-ins. Conversions can be chained. The reference in XSL FO file will be automatically corrected and all intermediate files will be removed;
  • Basic support of textboxes;
  • Links (e.g. in table of contents) and hyperlinks;
  • Track changes support
    RTF TO XML Converter can generates document with track changes shown with a strikethrough font;
  • Disable picture conversion
    RTF TO XML Converter is possible to disable picture conversion plug-ins in this run;
  • Reduce a number of output pictures
    RTF Converter feature can reduces a number of output pictures if a converted file contains many identical pictures;
  • Many output plug-in configuration files
    You can prepare many output plug-in configuration files for RTF TO XML Converter;
  • RTF TO XML Converter can turns on the indentation in the output files;
  • RTF Converter has an option that allows starting a command line conversion with options selected in RTF TO XML GUI;
  • RTF TO XML specifies the destination directory root where the output file(s) will be stored in;
  • You can prepare your own file of options for RTF TO XML Converter.

    For batch RTF TO XML conversion:

  • RTF TO XML Converter can specifies the source directory root;
  • RTF TO XML converts only those files from the conversion list, which were not yet converted;
  • RTF converter interrupts the whole conversion procedure if an error occurs during conversion of one of files.



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