Novosoft RTF Parsing Solution

RTF TO XML Converter is based on a new Novosoft RTF Parsing Solution --- Novosoft RTF DOM Builder. The builder is developed in concordance with RTF Specification 1.6 and recognizes near 600 RTF commands now. The Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification is a method of encoding formatted text and graphics for easy transfer between applications. More detailed specification on using RTF commands in RTF TO XML Converter is explained in User's Guide of RTF TO XML Converter.

Novosoft RTF DOM Builder constructs an RTF Document Object Model reflecting the structure of rtf file. While reading an rtf document, the builder correctly interprets many rtf commands and fills the RTF DOM with corresponding objects. Using of RTF DOM has the following benefits:

  • The constructed RTF DOM is much simpler in use than the original rtf document;
  • The RTF DOM entirely reflects the structure of rtf document in the set of commands, which are interpreted;
  • The quality of the constructed RTF DOM is guaranteed;
  • If an rtf document has logical errors or some rtf-commands are used in inappropriate places, the builder tries to recover errors and constructs a well-structured RTF DOM;
  • The RTF DOM is light. It contains only necessary relations between objects;
  • The default serialization of RTF DOM to XML is granted;
  • RTF Converter parser provides compliance with MS Word;
  • RTF parser recognizes command names using exact match (case-sensitive);
  • Picture conversion plug-ins prepared the resolution of pictures. The default of conversion pictures density is 100 DPI (dots per inch).

List of Parsed RTF Converter Control Words:

  • Basic commands;
  • Font and encoding support;
  • Preset and custom document properties;
  • Colors and shading;
  • Borders;
  • Layout;
  • Section and column formatting;
  • Character and paragraph formatting;
  • Table formatting;
  • Absolutely positioned paragraphs and tables;
  • Footnote and endnote context;
  • Label and flow destinations;
  • Flow control commands;
  • Document variables and bookmarks;
  • Fields;
  • Pictures;
  • Special and active characters.



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