RTF to PS Converter

RTF to PostScript conversion is a feature of Novosoft Document Converter RTF-TO-XML. The utility provides fast and scrupulous conversion of all document contents and structure from RTF to PostScript.

There are many reasons why you may want to convert RTF to PostScript. PostScript format has similar quality as PDF, but requires noticeably less resource. It stores all text and images in terms of straight lines and cubic Bezier curves, what makes document appearance the same on all platforms.

Converting RTF to PostScript allows you to keep documents in change-protected mode. Since PostScript was developed as a programming language for printers and publishing devices, RTF to PostScript conversion can also be performed for publishing needs.

Converting RTF to PostScript has never been easier before: you just need to select input documents, specify PostScript as output format and click "Convert".

Novosoft RTF to PostScript Converter Features:

  • Preservation of the original appearance, including page formatting (header/footer, page/section breaks of all types, document background, footnotes, pagination), text formatting (font: size, style, weight, color; cell; paragraph: alignment, line spacing), links, images, etc.*
  • High quality and speed of converting RTF to PostScript
  • Comprehensible and very user-friendly interface, allowing to convert multiple files from RTF to PostScript at once
  • Multilingual support and free upgrades for Novosoft Document Converter RTF-TO-XML
  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003 and Linux platforms
  • limited by FO: the current version provides good support for most text and layout, however, images and scalable vector graphics may not be displayed correctly, and no image transparency is available

RTF to PostScript conversion is performed with the help of Apache FOP processor, which is a java-based print formatter. Whenever you need to convert your files from RTF to PostScript format, Novosoft Document Converter RTF-TO-XML will be the best choice.

How to Convert RTF to PostScript

  • Download RTF-TO-XML Converter and install.
  • Launch the application.
  • Click Select to select files for conversion.
  • Click Browse to select output directory. By default it will be the same directory where the original file is located.
  • Choose PostScript as output format in the "Select output format" menu.
  • Click Convert to start the converting. The resulting file will be saved in the directory specified above.

More detailed specification on using RTF commands in RTF TO XML converter is explained in RTF TO XML Converter User's Guide.

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